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Meet some of our friends !

  • 01brownbear
  • 02tiger
  • 03lion
  • 04panther
  • 05wolf
  • 07gorilla
  • 08chimpanzee
  • 09penguin
  • Panda
  • 12racoon
  • 13crocodile
  • 15hippo
  • 16elephant
  • 17rhino
  • 18giraffe
  • 19deer
  • 20zebra
  • 21donkey
  • 22synceruscaffer
  • 23goat
  • 32fish
  • 24tortoise
  • 25peacock
  • 26ostrich
  • 27alpaca
  • 28carmel
  • 29kangaroo
  • 30rabbit
  • Foodplant
  • 34apple
  • 35watermelon
  • 44palm
  • 41baobab
  • 37carrot
  • 38banana
  • 36corn
  • 31steak

Learn New Language

■ Pick your favorite animal card

■ Move magic wand’s star on top of animal

■ Listen to the name in a new language

Food card

■ Pick your favorite animal card
■ Locate the animal’s favorite food on bottom right corner of card
■ Slide food card arrow to animal card arrow
■ Learn to say the name of the food
■ Watch as the animal eats

Bring Your Animal To Life

■ Place the card under camera
■ Watch as the animal appears
■ Learn to say the animal’s name

Magic Paradise Toys

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Magic Paradise Toys for School

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What Your Kids Will Learn

  1. Hand Eye Coordination
  2. Fine Motor Skills
  3. Literacy Skills
  4. Improved Thinking
  5. Flexible Thinking
  6. Metacognition
  7. Spatial Awareness

It's about fun, being silly and letting kids be kids

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