About Us

Magic Paradise Toys uses augmented reality (AR) to develop early learning skills and creates a fun, interactive experience for kids. The AR technology within our app captures the environment on your device’s camera, and replaces the card of your choice as a 3-D image. The app can teach up to three different languages: English, Spanish, and Mandarin. We have over 26 cards to choose from! The category of cards includes animals, food, and locations. Pairing the correct cards together encourages imagination and develops new learning skills. All your child needs is a tablet, flat surface, and our magical cards! Our game does not require batteries, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth. As a company, we take pride in how simple the setup for our game is. The magic is in its simplicity!

Our magical cards can be activated anywhere. Your child will be able to enjoy Magical Paradise Toys at home but feel free to take your new friends on your car ride, school or vacation. Our game makes learning new languages fun, and creates a 3-D experience that can be played anywhere!

We currently offer the Magic Paradise Toys app for download at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The magical cards are only available for purchase at Amazon.com.

Magic Paradise

  1. Creates a surprising experience that keeps your child interested and motivated to learn.
  2. Encourages skills such as imagination, curiosity, and creativity.
  3. Increases child engagement and motivation to explore new ideas.
  4. Supports students to learn faster and retain information better.
  5. Easily transportable so you can play and learn anywhere!

Meet the Team

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It's about fun, being silly and letting kids be kids

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